Amazon Patent Describes A Mobile Payment System That Keeps Transactions Anonymous


A new patent published by the USPTO today (via PhoneArena) indicates that Amazon is looking into a way to limit the amount of data exchanged when two parties engage in a mobile payment transaction. The patent describes a way to sub in unique identifiers for information like name and email address that would otherwise be used to verify the identities of buyer and seller.

Participants who want to keep their information to themselves would have to first register with the service, which presumably would be operated by Amazon. They’d then be issued temporary tokens, which expire once a transaction is completed to help initiate and complete the payment. No information about either party would be revealed, with Amazon itself the only one involved with the identity of buyer and seller.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.40.39 AM

To initiate a transaction, what you would do is send a text to Amazon’s mobile payment service, something like “PAY 20,” which authorizes a…

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